Další speciální kemp GOALIE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL již druhý v sezóně 2018-2019 zaměřený výhradně pro brankáře se uskutečnil úspěšně v Havlíčkovém Brodě, 16. 9. 2018. Další kemp je naplánován na měsíc ... více

Next camp GAI 16. 9. 2018 H.Brod

Another day camp GOALIE ACADEMY INTERNATIONALin the season 2018 - 2019 focused on the special preparation of goalkeepers on ice is scheduled for 16 September 2018 in Havlickuv Brod.

We also want to inform you about the possibilities sign up for the summer camp GOALIE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL (this year's 16th summer camp will be on schedule 7 - 13 July 2019) and sign up for it here.

There are a number of new events at this summer camp, the participation promised interesting guests, we will see who will be able to arrive and participate in some training on ice and the goalkeepers.

The capacity of this weekly camp is fast filling (the last three years have been filled capacitively after the new year), so do not hesitate and sign up now, the number of goalkeepers is limited, so please hurry up and fill in the application today!

One day camps GAI has been organizing regularly since 2009, and after several years of experience, we have developed a new catch-up technique that will help keepers progressively grow their performance for the 2018-2019 season.

Video analysis of training - videoanalysis training

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INFO H. Brod 16. 9. 2018

Probable one-day camp program:


GA reserves the right to make operational changes to the program!

term 16.09. 2018
locality Arena Havlickuv Brod


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