"Our goal is to find and nurture the goalkeeper, who are able to representation"

Goalie School under the auspices of Jiřího Holečka

Our goal-tending school was established in 2003. In January 2003, Jiri Holecek - a legendary Czech goalkeeper and Roman Visnak - a former Czech junior goalie, set up a project where professional attention to each individual goaltender was the main centre-piece of this school. A first goalie camp was succesfully organised in Havlickuv Brod. A team of former professional goalies led by Jiri Holecek run 2 practices per day on ice and in the gym. As Roman Visnak explains "we realize that most clubs do not pay a detailed attention to goalies and we try to fill this void. The program for the camp was in the making for 6 months and we can say that our camp was very well received and welcomed by the young players as well as their parents."


After two years of holding successful goalie camps we have gained much knowledge and experience through doing the camps and this is the main reason why we have changed our name to the "GOALIE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL", and with this new name also came our new logo. This change of name symbolizes brand new methods of dry land and on ice goaltender training. These new methods have previously not been used in other goalie camps and are now the accepted methods of training for some of the best NHL goaltenders. The expert coaching staff have pieced together knowledge gained from the previous two camps, NHL videos and other expert goalie coaches from abroad to bring about a revolutionary style of goaltender training, which will be held in our next camps. In the year 2006 our Academy has also began to cooperate with Czech national and Extraliga goalie Lukas Mensator. He was with the goalies whole day on ice and showed them his methods of goaltending.


In the year 2006, GOALIE ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL spread for first time over the boarders of Czech Republic, due to a special goalie camp in Slovenia. We were requested by hockey club HK Acroni Jesenice to prepare a weekend camp. This short weekend training camp was successful and one year later we repeated this camp in Slovenia, but the camp was a little longer. GAI in Jesenice takes place in domestic ice hockey arena for cca 5000 people. Hockey club HK Acroni Jesenice competed in the Austrian top division in season 2006/07. Along with other Austrian teams Jesenice were invited to replicate Slovenian championship and became the most successful club from the small county under the Alps mountains. Jesenice is also the biggest base for the Slovenian national team, because most of players on the national team play on the HK Acroni team. The local club has produced excellent players such Robert Kristan, Gaber Glavic, Miha Rebolj, brothers Marcel and David Rodman or Tomaz Razingar. But the biggest name to come out of the small city is Anze Kopitar, nowadays a star of Los Angeles Kings in the NHL.

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